Keep Burglars Out This Summer

Whether you are staying at home, or going away on holiday, here’ are some top tips to protect your home against burglary this summer:

At Home
Fit window opening restrictors to all ground floor and other easily accessible windows. This will allow ventilation while restricting access.

  1. Close and lock all windows and doors, even if just out in the garden.
  2. Remove window and door keys from the locks, store out of reach and away from your letterbox.
  3. Keep valuables out of sight, along with any visible signs including charging cables.
  4. Hide the keys to your vehicle, and if you have a keyless entry, store the fob in a RFID pouch to block the signal.

Going on Holiday

  1. Lock all windows and doors.
  2. Check side gates, sheds and garages are locked and tools and ladders are not accessible to break into your home.
  3. Store all keys out of sight and away from your letterbox, doors and windows.
  4. Use a RFID pouch to store fobs for keyless entry vehicles.
  5. Make your home look occupied by using a timer switch to turn on lights at night.
  6. Cancel Milk deliveries and arrange to clear post out of view.
  7. Ask a trusted friend to look after your home while you are away.
  8. Invite a neighbour to park their vehicle on your drive while you are away.
  9. Don’t post details about your holiday on social media until you return home.

For more tips to protect your home, download your free Home Security Guide from the Thames Valley Police website here: 

By working together with Thames Valley Police we can build community resilience to deter burglars from targeting homes within the area.

Information From Ian Stacey (Police, Neighbourhood Policing Administrator, Chiltern & South Bucks)

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