Protecting your home against summer burglaries

Useful information helping you to safeguard your home against summer crime

In this month’s email we are focussing on security in the home as we are fast approaching the ‘Holiday Period’, a time when many people take advantage of the extra days off from work to take a short break away from home.

However, sadly this is when one particular group of people within our society do the opposite and put more effort and hours into their ‘work’. We are of course referring to burglars, some of whom make a living from crime.

You need to safeguard your property against them when you are away.

A burglar will look for any signs of weakness in your home, they will make a balance between the risks of being caught and the potential gains to be had. You need to consider ‘target hardening’. This is making your property a less attractive proposition to them so that they consider the risks too great to take.

It is a good idea to take the time to do a self assessment of your home before you go away, simply click here to read the simple guide of what to look for and questions to ask yourself.

If you would like to learn more how the Matters Group can help you with your home security, then please call Dave on 01494 73 80 80 or by emailing

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