Right Hand HR

“When we took over new commercial premises we inherited an old alarm with no access code.  All of the PIR sensors in the building appeared to function but the alarm was completely unusable.  In their initial advice, Matters gave me plain practical help and said yes, I could have the current alarm serviced and set back to default with a new access code.  However, they also explained the benefits of a new alarm system but using my original sensors which was the cost-saving option I chose.  The advantages of the new alarm system are upgradability, the ability to have telephone access and even IP access, but best of all, a set of personal ‘key-fobs’ for easy setting and un-setting-instead of having to enter a PIN. We can simply swipe in or out, brilliant! The Matters Group is really flexible, listen to your requirements and have a ‘can-do’ attitude, what more could you ask for?”

Campbell Ritchie

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