What can I expect from a Matters’ Boiler Service?

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Every boiler has specific instructions with detailed servicing requirements, but for when the instructions are lost or missing there is a default service procedure set out in the Gas Safe Register, “Gas Safety Book”. Manufacturers’ instructions often have many more steps to follow.

How long will the boiler service take?

A detailed boiler service takes at least an hour, nearly always more.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out the following checks to ensure your boiler is safe and in ‘tip top’ condition.

Preliminary checks

  • Are there any problems with the system?
  • Is  the appliance location suitable for the type of appliance?
  • Is there any damage before starting work on it?
  • Check for correct operation of the appliance, including consumer controls and the safety devices.
  • Is the flame for burning correctly?
  • Check the electrical wiring complies with electrical regulations.
  • Check for correct clearances from combustible materials.
  • Examine gas supply pipework for correct installation and clearances.
  • Check for correct ventilation to the room containing the appliance.

Full service procedure

  • Remove main burners, clean and inspect for damage.
  • Clean and inspect gas injector(s).
  • Dismantle and clean pilot assembly and gas injector.
  • Reassemble burners and pilot assembly.
  • Check condition of ignition leads and electrode.
  • Clean the heat exchanger.
  • Refit burner assemblies and check seals.
  • Test disturbed gas joints for leaks.
  • Check appliance case and seals (where appliance is room-sealed) for damage and correct assembly.
  • Check and adjust pilot flame.
  • Check operation of thermocouple (flame supervision device).
  • Measure gas pressure and flow rate, and adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect/test flue for faults/correct operation.
  • Inspect flue terminal for correct location and protection.
  • Check system bypass valve (if fitted) is correctly adjusted.
  • Check sealed system (if fitted) is at correct pressure.
  • Advise the client to have the system checked at least every twelve months or as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Advise the client of any defects found in the writing.
  • Apply the Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure if necessary.

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