What we know from reformed burglars about our home security

Unfortunately burglars are becoming increasingly professional in what they do, especially as we are improving our home security. It’s important for us to understand how burglars think and this is where the opinions of reformed burglars comes in.

Over 100 reformed burglars were interviewed to find out how their minds work – what exactly did they look for when attempting to burgle a property? Given that burglars can observe a target property for over 24 hours, it’s important to carry out all home security measures that will act as deterrents and drive criminals away.

Some of these measures were:-

Burglars agravelre frightened off by Loud noises, so gravel driveways and ‘talkative’ pets are perfect. The crunching noise when you walk across the gravel can travel far in the night and the bark of a dog can wake a whole street up!

Over 70% of reformed burglars saw dog

dogs as a deterrent, especially as they didn’t fancy being bitten by an angry one!

The reformed burglars said that new, secure-looking UPVC windows, doors and locks are a definite deterrent as they are difficult to break into. Sensor lights and CCTV cameras can also help as they don’t want to be caught on camera.

93% of reformed burglars were deterred by monitored alarms, the old fashioned looking alarms didn’t seem too much of a problem as once disabled that was it, however with monitored alarms it’s different. The small flashing light below an alarm box can be enough for a burglar to turn around and walk away with the knowledge that as soon as the alarm sounds a message is sent to an alarm monitoring centre which will quickly notify the police and the home owner.

Another top tip is to make it look like someone is home in the property all of the time as 73% of reformed burglars said they wouldn’t target a property if they believed people were home.

Simple ways to help to keep burglars away:-

1. Keep your front and back doors locked at all times.

2. If you’re out in the evening then leave lights on around the house and draw your blinds and curtains.

3. Light up your front door with dusk to dawn lighting that’s visible from the street.

4. When recycling, hide any packaging that offers a clue to what your home contains.

5. Keep keys and valuables out of sight and reach from cat flaps, letter boxes, downstairs doors and windows.

6. Keep expensive goods and their packaging out of sight as burglars will be able to see certain products they might be looking for.

7. If it’s dark before you get home then use timer switches to turn on the lights.

Don’t let burglars have easy access to your home…

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